Custom Building Specifications


Our goal at Ivory Construction is to treat each client as a unique individual by customizing every San Antonio and Austin metal building to the specific needs and preferences of the client. We use the latest technology and best materials for every custom building project. 

In addition to offering storage sheds and buildings, horse barns, metal roofing, garages, and workshops, we also offer interior frame-outs for those looking for an apartment, shell home, or guest house accomodations.  All ground contact lumber is treated, eliminating the possibility of wood rot or termites.  The nearest non-treated lumber on each wood frame building is three feet from the ground.

Some builders claim to offer the lowest prices but often times will cut corners and are not upfront about the quality of products they use.  Your long term satisfaction is our top priority, and we welcome any questions or concerns you may have regarding the quality of our building materials.

Please contact us today so that we can provide you with as much information about our metal buildings as possible to ensure that you are getting a durable and long lasting product.



#2 Yellow Pine

  • All wall girts three foot and up
  • Rafters and engineered trusses (all bolted)
  • Roof purlins (fastened with metal joist hangers
  • Door headers and fir-out


#2 Treated Pine

  • All ground contact
  • Sheds and roof extension eaves
  • Shed purlins (with joist hangers)
  • Shed rafters
  • 6x6 and 4x6 poles poles buried three foot and concreted (supplies additional strength over steel framed buildings which sit on top of the slab)



  • Four inch slab
  • Twelve inch perimeter beams
  • 3000 psi concrete
  • 3/8 inch rebar on sixteen inch centers
  • Six mil poly moisture barrier
  • Smooth or broom finish (customer's choice)



  • Twenty-six gauge
  • Twenty-four colors to choose from
  • R-panel or U-panel
  • Custom trim



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