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Our goal at Ivory Construction is to treat each client as a unique individual by customizing every Ivory Construction building to their specific needs and preferences.

  We provide the highest quality coupled with the latest technology to produce highly versatile and durable custom wood frame metal buildings.  Metal buildings have rapidly become the most efficient, and economical way to raise your property value, while adding functionality, which is an added bonus in these economic times.  We want every client to have a deep sense of pride for their Ivory Construction building, knowing that the same level of pride was put forth during the custom construction process be it for a custom metal barn, a storage shed, or a new garage.

  Proudly serving the Austin, San Antonio, and Hill Country area.  We provide custom wood frame metal buildings which are excellent buildouts for garages, shops, horse barns, hay sheds, metal roofs, warehouses, shell homes, and storage buildings.


"Thank you so much.  We have been getting so many compliments.  Just want to let you know that you were very easy to work with.  You always hear horror stories about people dealing with contractors, but thank God my experience was great.

Thanks again for everything."

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