Building Process

        A short overview of the building process:


The building process starts by staking up the building, getting the lay-out right, making sure

everything is square and true. This is one of the most important steps, if this is not done

correctly, it will affect the whole building project.


Next: The pressure treated posts are set in concrete, 2 1/2 to 3 foot deep in the ground.

All posts are set plumb and exactly to the required measurement.


Next: The building is framed up and prepped for the concrete slab. All the lumber goes on

the building to the exact measurement to ensure a square and level building. See the

Building Specifications page for a detailed list of materials used. 


Next: Concrete is poured, normally smooth finish inside the building, broom finish on the 

outside (customers choice). 


Next: The concrete forms are removed, the doors and windows are installed, the building

is sheeted and trimmed out.


Finally: Clean up - the build site is cleaned up and all of the construction debris is hauled



Final product: A custom building built to customers specifications, that will last a lifetime!


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